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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth, also called your third molars can help you with chewing if your jaw is big enough to handle the extra four teeth. Variations in DNA which are known as mutations when humans reproduced around 2.4 million years ago caused their jaws to become smaller and brains become bigger. This mutated genetic information was passed onto offspring because it was a favorable trait. As the brain grew larger and the jaw became smaller, there eventually was no room for wisdom teeth in the new smaller jaw as the favorable trait of a larger brain was passed on. Currently, we have Oral Surgeons to remove wisdom teeth that are impacted or infected. If you are born without your wisdom teeth, you are at an evolutionary advantage. As of now, we use oral surgeons to remove wisdom teeth, but the genetic mutation of no wisdom teeth is a beneficial trait. Cavity on Wisdom Tooth Unable to clean bacteria and plaque off the wisdom teeth, causing a cavity on a wisdom tooth.