What Causes Dry Mouth and How to Treat it

What Causes Dry Mouth and How to Treat it

What is Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth = xerostomia
Hyposalivation = reduced salivation

Dry Mouth is defined as not having enough saliva to keep the mouth wet.

Saliva is an important factor in your oral health; it protects your teeth from getting cavities and can cause someone to have a difficult time speaking, tasting, swallowing, and chewing food.

What Can Cause Dry Mouth

  • Disease
  • Medication side effects
  • Age
  • Mouth breathing, such as using a CPAP at night

How to Treat Dry Mouth

Talk with your Dentist and Hygienist for help treating dry mouth
  • Oral Rinse
  • Oral Spray
  • Prescription-strength toothpaste
  • Saliva Stimulant
  • Systemic Medication


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